Casey Fenton

Casey Fenton

Co-founder and chief executive officer

A serial entrepreneur, Casey is focused on creating solutions that inspire people to explore, experiment and grow. Casey used his background in computer science to create the original Couchsurfing, launched in 2003. Couchsurfing became the world’s most trusted brand in social travel and peer-to-peer hospitality exchange, with more than 10 million members in all 207 countries and territories. Couchsurfing has also been considered the world’s largest trust experiment. For his contributions to new ideas for improving human well-being, Casey was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012. In 2012, he co-founded Sovolve, a company that creates practical and fun solutions to engage people in positive social change. Wonder, the app for measuring and improving life skills, is Sovolve’s first product. Casey believes that the next phase of our evolution is social, and that every user of Wonder is ushering in a world where we all feel empowered and encouraged to help each other grow.


Monty Kosma

Head of product

Monty leads Wonder’s product team, pursuing his passion for game-changing innovations that inspire people to connect with one another and grow. In 2012, he founded the Smart Tech Foundation to incentivize free-market solutions to reduce gun violence. He’s served as COO of Fandor, a streaming video service for independent and international film, and CTO of Delphi Systems, where he designed and built a 360-degree feedback system for assessing knowledge workers and improving individual and group performance. With degrees in physics and law, he’s hacked LISP and Rails, solved the world’s then-largest computational problem, worked in two neuroscience labs, designed invisible aircraft, published peer-reviewed big data analyses, managed mergers valued over $100 billion, served as lead counsel before the U.S. Supreme Court, stopped unwarranted FBI surveillance, and produced and edited three short films.


Heather O’Brien

Co-founder and head of marketing

Heather has always had a passion for exploration, whether it’s traveling to remote areas of the world, or diving into new self-actualization technologies. She began her professional life at Forrester Research, one of the most well-respected technology research firms in the world. Since then, she’s been an entertainer, a producer, a teacher, and “Wondergirl” of the original Couchsurfing team. At Couchsurfing, she produced videos, managed media relations, created website content, wrote newsletters, and even designed t-shirts. She’s driven by the desire to positively impact the world and is often pondering the question of what’s possible for humanity.


Adam Krawesky

A front-end engineer with over ten years’ experience, Adam earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. He currently lives in Toronto, where he maintains a contemporary art practice in photography, public installation, and dance.

Eden Rohatensky

Eden has created podcast networks, ran coding workshops, released 4 albums and is always wanting to do more. Eden is a full-stack developer who is working primarily to make Wonder’s design and Sass as efficient and beautiful as possible. Eden is currently living in Regina, where she spends her time working on Wonder and performing with her band, Orphan Mothers.


Zak Kosma

As quality assurance engineer, Zak hunts down the bugs and assists the development team in coding past them. When he’s not fighting off bugs, Zak is working hard programming his own apps, and creating communities that live to solve problems.

Annabel Mangold

A UI/UX design consultant for Wonder, Annabel is an award-winning experience designer and brand strategist who has worked for startups, Fortune 100 companies and non-profits. She adheres to a philosophy called WarmTech, which is her specialty and unique passion.


Marcelle Santos

Mars turns complicated ideas into content that’s easy to understand and interesting to follow. As a communications professional, she’s worked for an energy company, a hospitality exchange website, a charity organization, a think tank, and a daily newspaper. At Sovolve, she’s diving deep into emotional intelligence and content strategy to come up with what she hopes is useful and inspiring information for users of Wonder.


Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

Ryan holds a BA in psychology and political science from UCLA, and a PhD in human development from the University of Arizona. At Sovolve, Ryan is the resident psychology expert, testing and metrics supervisor, and customer success manager. He communicates with customers through a variety of platforms and uses data to enhance the products that Sovolve offers. He takes your feedback seriously, which helps to make your experiences even better. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and frequently escapes to California for brief reprieves from the rain. Tell Ryan your feedback about Wonder and he will make sure it’s heard.


Sonia Codreanu

Sonia Codreanu is a psychology student at the University of Bath and a psychometrics analyst for Wonder. She’s passionate about personality testing and investigates innovative ways in which it can be used to improve human performance and connection. In her spare time, she loves dancing.