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“Sovolve” means social evolution. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that accelerate social change. We develop tools and systems that fuse the best technologies from sociology, psychology, game theory, social networking and the quantified-self movement.


  • We reward skill, hard work and dedication.
  • Everyone has a stake in the organization.
  • The more you put into Sovolve, the more you get out of it.


  • We’ve created a unique business model—a hybrid of a co-op and a startup. Everyone earns equity in the company.
  • Collaboration is paramount.
  • Everyone is inspired to do what’s best for the organization. When the company wins, everyone wins!


  • Hard work is rewarded with equity in the company, accumulated as you contribute, no vesting period.
  • Sovolve and its products are built in stages. The earlier you join, the more you contribute, the greater your stake.

Current positions:



We are looking for:

Senior-level front-end development skills in the following areas:

  • Javascript plus Ember
  • Cordova / Phonegap

For this role, we’ll consider a great JS programmer with SPA experience like Angular or React and a strong interest in learning Ember. Most likely you’ve built and shipped apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Native mobile or Rails experience is also a plus.

Ideally you’ll join our team full time in San Francisco or Toronto. We’re open to remote or contract / contract-to-hire for the right person.

We offer you:

  • Work on a just-launched, modern Ember application
  • Learn Ember+Cordova from people who have done it many times before
  • The opportunity to step up. We’re a small startup and you’ll be leading the front-end development with training and support from contractors from the ember-cli team. Let us know your direction, and we can help move you there.
  • Significant equity with no vesting or buy-outs required. Our sweat-equity program allows you to earn a significant stake in our success.

If you’re interested, please contact us at No complex application process here – just send us a gist of something you have written before (any language is fine, but ember, javascript, or css is preferable), and give us a few sentences on what you like about it. A link to github and any prior work would also be helpful.



Wonder is looking for an SCSS Developer with expertise building responsive mobile interfaces for javascript apps, including Cordova, targeting both iOS and Android platforms.

Here’s some of what you bring to the table:

  • Strong skills and structured approach to styling using SCSS
  • Experience styling mobile apps using Cordova / Phonegap
  • Expert-level with responsive styling for a range of mobile platforms

We need someone immediately for a 1-2 week contract, but there’s a great full-time role for someone with strong skills in one or more of ember.js, Rails, great UI design chops, and mobile game design.

You’re ideally in Toronto or San Francisco, but remote works too, for the right candidate. 

If you’re interested, please contact us at



Wonder is seeking a UI/UX guru with experience designing mobile social games. Contract work at first as we’re finalizing our app, transitioning to a full-time Creative Director role in Fall.

You’re an expert in design for mobile, with experience in iOS and Android apps and games that grow via peer-to-peer interaction among players or participants. Ideally you have strong skills in SASS and CSS and are excited about collaborating across product and engineering. And you’re highly motivated by the opportunity to build apps that help people strengthen the relationships that matter to them as well as a “social FICO” that helps people measure and understand their own social skills, connectedness, and reputation.

If you’re interested, please contact us at