Our Company

Sovolve is Social Evolution

Why Sovolve?

It’s the great irony of our age: we’re more digitally connected than ever, yet feel increasingly lonely and isolated. That’s why we created Wonder — to address social pain, using technology consciously to help you deepen the relationships that matter.

Our company, Sovolve, believes that practical and fun solutions can get everyone involved in positive social change. We work with world-class advisors, integrating the best methodologies from sociology, game theory, psychology, and social networking to make improving your connectedness easy and fun.

We believe that the next phase of our evolution is social, and that every participant in Wonder is ushering in a world where we all feel empowered and encouraged to help each other grow.

Vision & Mission

Our vision: a connected world
We envision a future where everyone is empowered and encouraged to help each other grow, where cooperation and collaboration yield greater rewards than individual endeavors.

Our mission: create possibilities for people
We exist to foster human connection. We develop systems that enable people to see themselves more clearly, to grow, and to build strong, meaningful connections with each other that maximize their opportunities in life.